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Rochester NY

After 15 years away from my home town of Rochester, NY – it was both thrilling and sad to come home. It’s thrilling to be in my home town, near to family. I love the notion that my kids will grow up with daily interaction with their elders. There are also many things about Rochester that I simply love, from the thrilling architecture to the Lake. But the city itself is in bad shape. Population and revenues are down, and morale is horrible. Rochester is not the proud city it was when I left. Renee and I are working hard to give back as much as possible to help rectify this situation.

Rocville.com is our primary Rochester project with a mission of advocating for the city, urban life and all that Rochester has to offer. With so much negativity online and the shadow of Kodak, the city has it’s challenges. But we have made outstanding friends here and know that the heart and soul of the city is strong.

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